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Lasting change always unfolds from the inside-out.

You have to focus on working in as much as you focus on working out.

Meet Sheena

Your mind & body coach.

Meet Sheena, a health, fitness, and personal development expert devoted to empowering women on their journey to embodying their highest self, fostering conscious living in mind, body, and spirit.

As the architect of the Highest Self Collective, Sheena provides a sanctuary for conscious women, offering transformative resources and a curated community for those committed to self-evolution. Anchored by the three pillars—Move, Nourish, Be—this collective is designed to elevate every aspect of your well-being.

In addition to the Highest Self Collective, Sheena extends her transformative touch through deep 1:1 coaching with a select group of women. Drawing on her expertise and personal journey, she meets you at your current point and guides you through a profound process of growth—from within.

Functioning as a human lighthouse, Sheena’s guidance introduces a fresh perspective and heightened awareness, reshaping how you perceive yourself, your life, and your experiences. Through layers of sincere self-enquiry and reflection, Sheena paves the way for a life-altering mind and body transformation.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

When you work on yourself, it creates a ripple effect of positive change in your life.

Work with Sheena

Sheena Jayne has a trio of offerings, tailored to meet you wherever you are on your personal journey.

Whether you’re seeking deep 1:1 guidance through EVOLVE coaching, exploring the transformative portal that is the Highest Self Collective, or delving into specialised coaching for bikini and wellness competition preparation, there’s a coaching option designed to elevate your path.

What people are saying:

Gerry, 56, New Zealand

I have found Sheena to be an amazing Coach. She has certainly been a pleasure to work with, I feel so empowered in my training and mindset. I have trained harder than I previously did due to knowledge and self-growth which Sheena has instilled in me.

My journey includes nutrition where I have learnt so much about what fuels my body which in turn helps me build muscle. I enjoy my positive relationship with food, love training to bring my best every step of my fitness journey. Thank you Sheena for helping me reach my full potential. Sheena is awesome, so professional, supportive, listens to me and very responsive to my questions and been a fantastic Coach.

Since training with Sheena, I have already made such progress which resulted in my success on the stage. Through sound nutrition plans, training and mindset with Sheena ‘s coaching, I placed 1st in my divisions. Thank you Sheena I love working with you and looking forward to bringing my new-best to the stage with your support in nutrition, mindset and posing. I feel empowered, motivated and inspired by Sheena as we continue our fitness journey together. Fitness is my passion. Thank you Sheena!

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Hana-Rae, 30, New Zealand

Sheena Jayne creates queens! I have been lucky enough to work with Sheena for over five years now. When I first contacted Sheena, I had been yo-yo dieting for years having tried every ‘diet’ under the sun. I was stressed and unhappy but not self-aware enough to even know, or understand how much pressure I was putting myself under. I was extremely hard on myself with an all or nothing mentality to food and exercise. Fast forward five years and I am a completely different person, inside and out thanks to Sheena.

While being tighter and lighter is obviously a nice by-product to working with Sheena, it’s the mindset transformation that has made the biggest difference to me. Sheena has set me up with the tools to deal with life, going far beyond just meal plans and gym programs. The skills that I’ve learnt through Sheena help me in every aspect of my life. The ability to step back and evaluate all aspects life and how they interact has been invaluable. Sheena has the ability to make you pause in a moment of time and evaluate how you can be the best version of yourself each and every day.

I used to be my own worst enemy and now I’m one of my biggest cheerleaders. I feel in control and able to make balanced, beneficial decisions for myself. Balance looks different for everyone depending on your goals and my definition of balance changes depending on my current goals and Sheena has really helped me with this concept. From focusing on getting ready for a show and being in the best shape of my life, to focusing on my career and needing to ensure I am in the right place mentally and physically to perform at my best in the corporate world, Sheena has been there for every part of my journey and listened and adapted with me.

Everyone’s journey is different, it’s sensitive and personal and Sheena has an incredible ability to adapt and shape a program that works best for each individual. She sees the full picture and provides the foundation for success no matter what that looks like. Sheena knows me better than I know myself sometimes! She pushes me when I need to be challenged and backs off when she knows I need to figure something out for myself. In some ways it’s incredibly hard to articulate the journey I’ve been on but what I can say is – it’s special and it’s changed my life for the better. I hope that everyone gets to experience the sparkle of Sheena Jayne.

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